For 7th-8th Graders



The Civil War Escape Room is the PERFECT supplement to any 7th or 8th grade American Civil War unit! This incredible and fun escape room activity promises to engage your students, promote learning, and comes 100% completely ready to go (NO PREP NEEDED)! 

***The amazing resources of this escape room come in both printable PDF and digital (Google Forms) formats***

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You and your students will LOVE this Civil War Escape Room! Your students will be placed in the midst of the Civil War, locating and working alongside a Union spy codenamed "Falcon". As each puzzle is solved, student begin to reveal more information about "Falcon" and unravel coded messages that could be crucial to the Union war effort! This interactive activity will provide your students with ample opportunity for collaboration, engagement, learning, and displaying their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. This escape room features eight interactive puzzles, each with their own cleverly crafted and unique storyline that relates back to the theme of this escape room.

With this activity, your students will learn and decode interesting facts all about the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, the Framers of the Constitution, constitutional terms and concepts such as checks and balances, and the ratification of the Constitution!


***PLEASE NOTE! This escape room has been designed to cover TWO classroom periods and is linear escape room, meaning that the puzzles must be given and completed in a sequential order***



  • MINIMAL to no prep needed
  • EVERYTHING you need is included
  • ALL resources come in both digital and printable formats
  • Students¬†can¬†SELF-CHECK their answers to the puzzles
  • No locks, silly shapes to cut out, or envelopes to stuff needed here!
  • Easy-to-follow and detailed teacher instructions and tips for use
  • Teacher Answer Key with every puzzle
  • Puzzle Difficulty Ratings
  • Grade-Level appropriate
  • EASILY assess your students critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills¬†



  • Cleverly crafted and immersive storylines for each puzzle that will grab and hold their attention!
  • The monotony of everyday classroom instruction is left behind with this amazing activity!
  • They'll be encouraged to display their knowledge and understanding of¬†the Civil War!
  • The potential to win a prize if they and their team do well! (several FREE and valuable prize suggestions are provided inside)



  • 8 Interactive Puzzles¬†
  • Comprehensive Teacher Instructions and Tips for use
  • Links to access the puzzles digitally (via Google Forms)
  • Helpful Teacher Print Checklist
  • Answer Key for each puzzle



  • Cryptogram:¬†"Cryptic Conundrum: Unraveling Falcon's Cipher"¬†
  • Map Analysis¬†Puzzle:¬†"Battlefield Blueprint: Uncovering Falcon's Trail"¬†
  • Double Puzzle:¬†"Echoes of History: Unveiling the Union's Voice"
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Puzzle:¬†"Whispers of Order: The Secret Sequence Challenge"
  • Riddle Challenge Puzzle:¬†"Veils of Intrigue: Unmasking the Civil War Spies
  • Letter Tiles¬†Puzzle:¬†"Codex of Loyalties: The Richmond Revelation"
  • Word Maze w/a Hidden Message:¬†"Labyrinth of Secrets: The Union's Countermove"
  • Morse Code¬†Puzzle:¬†"Echoes in Code: The Final Directive"



  • Civil War¬†Unit Review¬†Activity
  • Early Finishers
  • Sub Plans
  • Rewards
  • Stations
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