I created the Lesson Plan Guru Pledge to help provide visitors of my site a better idea of how I serve my customers.


This Pledge consists of "Five Pillars" which I've outlined below. I adhere to each of  these pillars in every single product that I create and with every single customer interaction I have. 


By doing so, I'm much better able to provide my customers with the absolute BEST VALUE and BEST USER EXPERIENCE possible.

The Five Pillars

(Listed alphabetically)


Living in a world where the only constant is change, where technologies advance more quickly than at any other point in history, and where once unimaginable challenges became all too real for teachers everywhere (COVID-19/Digital Learning anyone??), the ability to adapt is paramount.

As such, I make every effort to adapt my resources, product offerings, and customer service solutions. My goal is to be set apart from other providers of educational products and resources by not only meeting, but exceeding, my customer's expectations.  


What should be the most straight-forward concept in any venture is all-too-often the most over looked by so many, at least that's what it seems like to me - communication.

Whenever I purchase a product and I have difficulty getting it to work the way it's supposed to, or even worse yet, it doesn't work all, it's anyone's guess as to the level of customer support and service you'll receive. Where do you find the contact info to reach out to someone? How long will you have to wait on hold? How long until they reply back to your email? Will the person you communicate with even be an actual representative of the business that created the product, and not some outsourced or  third-party rep who claims to represent the company? AND THEN, when it comes to the level and quality of the support, it gets even scarier! How many times have you had contact customer support for something only to be transferred numerous times or receive the same canned response to your question(s) that don't resolve the issue(s)?!!  ...need I say more

This is exactly WHY I firmly believe that effective and efficient communication which is GENUINE, QUICK, and TRANSPARENT is so important. And that's exactly why I've made it one of my "five pillars" ...and also why you'll find my email address plastered all over this site and my products. In case you've missed it, it's [email protected] ;)


To be as blunt as humanly possible, this whole pledge thing means absolutely nothing, nill, NADA!! ...IF I'm not consistent. For example, what good is communication if I'm not consistent in my approach to it? Or, what good is value if it isn't consistent??

And, you may be thinking to yourself, "well, how the heck can you say you're both adaptable -and- consistent??! Those two traits contradict each another!"

Adaptability and consistency are inherently contradictory, yes, that's true -BUT-  that's only true to an extent. Specifically, what I mean by consistency is the manner in which I approach various aspects of everything Lesson Plan Guru related. For example, the consistency in value I aim to provide when creating and pricing products, or the  consistency in the level of communication provided to customers, etc., etc. To be consistent in these areas doesn't mean I can't also be adaptable!


When was the last time you purchased something only to then struggle immensely to figure out how to use it?? In our family, whenever the kids get a new toy that requires just the smallest hint of assembly, they know to come to mom for help, because if they go to dad, they know it'll be awhile until they get to play with their new toy ;p

The same applies to any product that has even the slightest technological component to it, much like the "digital" products I offer here on Lesson Plan Guru. Customers may experience a slew of potential issues (through no fault of their own!), which can easily become rather frustrating. This is why I do my utmost to make the resources I offer as easy-to-use and user-friendly as I possibly can - in order to minimize the chance that my customers ever experience such frustration.

​#5: VALUE

This is a tricky one, primarily because we're all human, which means we all have a different perspective on how valuable something is, or isn't.

From my perspective, I don't view "value" just in terms of the quality of a resource or the price that something is for sale for, I believe value goes much deeper than that.

I view value in a number of ways. From the level of quality a product or service or offers and how expensive or inexpensive something is, to the level of customer and product support that comes along with a product or service. For example, I know that I feel a deeper sense of value when I purchase something directly from the person who created it, especially when I have the assurance that I can reach out directly to them should I ever have any difficulties using their product(s) and have to deal with someone from a random third-party or a "middle-man".


Which brings me to this. In addition to offering what I firmly believe are affordably priced, high-quality, and user-friendly products, I aim to provide additional value with the following:

  • Quick, responsive, and friendly customer and product support whenever a customer may need it
  • Making it as easy as possible to interact directly with the person who actually created the products and resources you've purchased - ME!!
  • By offering customer-exclusive promotions, sales, tips, and advice
  • The ability to influence the products and resources that I create and offer for sale - I'm always appreciative of any feedback and insights customers may have for me regarding both my existing product and resource offerings and any future products and resources that you'd love to see and think I should create!
To put it as plainly as possible:

As a fellow educator, it's my goal to create as much value for you as I can by SAVING YOU TIME, ENERGY, and most importantly, helping you achieve a HEALTHY/WORK LIFE BALANCE