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My name is Jillian and along with my husband Nick, we've made it our goal to help educators achieve and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Working as a 4th grade teacher when we first started dating, it didn't take long for Nick to find out what being in a relationship with a teacher is all about: caffeine fueled nights and weekends creating lesson plans and grading assignments.

Fast forward a few years, and we're now married with two little ones. Like so many other teachers, my work/life balance was completely out of whack, so Nick and I decided to do something about it: let someone else take care of the lesson plans!

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I made one simple LIFE CHANGING rule: I wouldn't spend ANY time on lesson plans

I so badly wish I could go back in time and make that decision sooner.

I can only imagine how many hours upon hours I'd get back! Unfortunately, nobody has invented a time machine yet so that's impossible, BUT, what is possible, is to take what I've learned and use it to help other teachers.​

 Like so many other teachers, I'd spend hours (almost as much time creating lesson plans!) searching sites like Teachers Pay Teachers for resources. Eventually, between reusing my old resources, and building up a nice collection of those that I purchased from other teachers, I was finally FREE from lesson planning!

I can't emphasize these next three points enough:

1. My anxiety and stress levels went down dramatically!

2. I had more time to actually focus on TEACHING, not lesson planning!

3. I had way more free time to spend with my friends and family!

In fact, I actually had enough time take up a new hobby!!

That hobby is now a PASSION and MISSION of both my husband and I:

To help as many teachers as possible achieve that same work/life balance I'm so fortunate to enjoy now.

And that's how we arrive at Lesson Plan Guru.


Nick and I have decided to dedicate ourselves to this mission. While Nick works on the marketing side of things and the website, I work on creating the lesson plans (which means they're NOT created by an outsourced virtual assistant who's never taught a single class in their life, -and- are 100% ORIGINAL). So, if you have any complaints about our site, make sure to let Nick know about it.

In addition to helping teachers achieve and maintain a healthy work/life balance, we didn't want to just offer awesome plans at a great value. If that were the case, we'd  simply sell our resources on a third party site like Teachers Pay Teachers (which we totally do, and is a truly incredible site by the way!).

However, all-too-often, using a third party site (A.K.A. a"middle-man"), makes it much more difficult CONNECT WITH and provide the BEST VALUE POSSIBLE for our customers!

By creating the resources ourselves and using our own website, we're able to provide:

  • QUICK & INDIVIDUALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE (with US! ...not some outsourced agency)
  • THE LESSON PLAN GURU PLEDGE (click to find out more!)


SO, now that you know a little more about us, let us help you start getting your free time back NOW!

Let us take care of the lesson plans so that YOU can start living a HEALTHY work/life balance TODAY!!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our mission.

-Jillian, Nick, and Family