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7th Grade Texas History Curriculum

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Unit 1: Think Like a Historian

  • Locating and obtaining sources of information (primary & secondary sources)
  • Identifying cause and effect relationships
  • Importance of historical context
  • Differentiation between factual and non-factual/biased information

Unit 2: Geography and Native Americans of Texas

  • Map reading skills
  • Major landforms, bodies of water, and the atmosphere of Texas
  • Breakdown of the Texas' sub regions: the Coastal Plains, Great Plains, Mountains & Basins, and North Central Plains
  • Overview of the Native Americans of Texas such as the Apache, Caddo, Comanche, Wichita, and more

Unit 3: Exploration & Early Colonization of Texas

  • Spanish arrival into Texas
  • The search for gold in Texas
  • Life in the Spanish Colonies of Texas
  • The Coronado, DeSoto, La Salle, & Niza Expeditions
  • "Filibusteros"
  • Effects of the Mexican War of Independence on Texas
  • End of Spanish rule in Texas

Unit 4: Mexican Colonization and the Empresario System

  • Overview of Anglos and Tejanos
  • Texas settlement during the 1820s & 1830s
  • The Empresario System
  • The Old Three Hundred
  • Population of Texas between the early 1820s & mid 1830s
  • Life in Mexican Texas

Unit 5: The Texas Revolution

  • The Fredonian Rebellion
  • Important events and factors that contributed to the outbreak of the Texas Revolution
  • Causes and effects of the Battle of Coleto, Gonzalez, and Refugio
  • A New Mexican Government and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  • Convention of 1832
  • Influence and role of individuals like Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston
  • Major battles of the Texas Revolution: Battle of the Alamo & Battle of San Jacinto
  • Convention of 1836
  • The Runway Scrape

Unit 6: Republic of Texas and Early Statehood

  • Early challenges of the Republic of Texas
  • Annexation of Texas
  • Presidencies of Sam Houston & Mirabeau B. Lamar
  • Texas Capitals
  • Texas Republic foreign policy
  • People of the Republic of Texas
  • Life during the Republic of Texas and early statehood
  • Constitution of Texas
  • Impact of the Mexican-American War on Texas
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • Role of early political parties in Texas 

Unit 7: Texas During the Civil War & Reconstruction Era

  • Development of slavery in Texas and the U.S.
  • Enslaved Peoples of Texas (slavery in Texas)
  • How growing division and sectionalism leads to the Civil War
  • Texas secedes from the Union
  • Overview of the Confederacy and the Union
  • Major battles and events during the Civil War
  • The Civil War in Texas
  • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Reconstruction Era and the Reconstruction Era in Texas
  • Governor Davis' Administration
  • Post-Reconstruction Texas

Unit 8: Cotton, Cattle, Railroads, & the Texas Frontier

  • The Frontier Wars
  • Texas Native Americans on Reservations
  • Causes and effects of the Texas cattle boom
  • Cowboy way of life
  • A new breed of cattle - the Longhorn
  • Closing of the Texas Frontier
  • Advances in agriculture and farming in Texas
  • Rise of railroads and cotton in Texas

Unit 9: Age of Oil and Reform in Texas (1900-1929)

  • Discovery of oil in Texas
  • The Texas Oil Boom & Texas Boomtowns
  • Impact of the oil industry in Texas
  • Age of Reform in Texas
  • Role of trusts and monopolies and the influence of big business on government
  • Populist Party and its influence in Texas
  • Southern Farmers Alliance
  • Establishment and role of the Texas Railroad Commission
  • Overview of Texas Reformer Governors
  • Progressive Movement in Texas
  • Urbanization in Texas
  • Texas & World Events such as WWI
  • Texas during post-WWI

Unit 10: Texas during the Great Depression & WWII 

  • Impact of the Great Depression in Texas
  • The Dust Bowl
  • Effects of the New Deal on Texas and Texans
  • Outbreak of WWII
  • Rise of Dictatorships
  • Allied & Axis Powers
  • U.S. involvement during WWII in the European and Pacific Theatres of War
  • Major battles of WWII 
  • Concentration Camps and the Holocaust 
  • The Atomic Bomb & Japanese Surrender
  • Texans' involvement in WWII
  • POW and Internment camps in Texas during WWII
  • Post-WWI Era in Texas between 1945-1950s

Unit 11: The Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, & Conservatism 

  • Outbreak of the Cold War & rise of communism
  • Major Cold War conflicts such as the Korean War & Vietnam War
  • Notable Texans who served during the Cold War
  • Texas economy during the Cold War
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • Texas and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Chicano labor movement
  • Evolution of Texas politics between the 1940s and into the 2000s
  • Texans in the White House (presidencies of Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush, & George W. Bush)

Unit 12: Contemporary Texas

  • Urbanization of Texas between 1950 to Today
  • Characteristics & challenges of urbanization in Texas
  • The Modern Texas economy
  • Causes and effects of the 1970s oil boom in Texas
  • Causes and effects of the 1980s oil bust in Texas
  • Trade and diversification of the Texas economy
  • Growing population of Texas
  • Contributing factors of Texas' population growth
  • Diversity of Texas' population
  • Future of energy and water in Texas
  • Texas and globalization

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These incredible resources cover the following learning standards and guidelines:



7.1A, 7.1B, 7.2A, 7.2B, 7.2C, 7.2D, 7.2E, 7.2F, 7.3A, 7.3B, 7.3C, 7.4A, 7.4B, 7.4C, 7.5A, 7.5B, 7.5C, 7.6A, 7.6B, 7.6C, 7.6D, 7.7A, 7.7B, 7.7C, 7.7D, 7.7E, 7.8A, 7.8B, 7.8C, 7.9A, 7.9B, 7.10A, 7.10B, 7.10C, 7.10D, 7.11A, 7.11B, 7.12A, 7.12B, 7.12C, 7.13A, 7.13B, 7.14A, 7.14B, 7.15A, 7.16A, 7.16B, 7.17A, 7.17B, 7.18A, 7.18B, 7.18C, 7.18D, 7.19A, 7.19B, 7.19C, 7.19D, 7.19E, 7.20A, 7.20B, 7.20C, 7.20D, 7.20E, 7.20F, 7.21A, 7.21B, 7.22A, 7.22B, 7.22C

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