Engaging Civil War and Reconstruction Worksheets for 8th Grade

8th grade u.s. history civil war curriculum & lesson plans reconstruction era
Civil War and Reconstruction Era Worksheets

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era are moments in history that leave us with a lot of questions!


-> How did the country heal after such an intense period of war?

-> What is the significance of the era and why are we still learning about it today?

-> How do these events relate to our current society?


The answers to these questions aren’t always easy to find


And that can make coming up with engaging activities for students on these two important topics, quite challenging. So, if you're looking for engaging lesson plans based on primary source documents and feature engaging worksheets and activities on the American Civil War and Reconstruction Era, you're at right place!  



All of the incredible resources that I've created have been used with thousands of students with great success.


They promise to help your students explore their understanding and comprehension of these two important time periods in U.S. history. And if you're wondering, they're aligned to Common Core and TEKS Standards and will challenge and grow your students critical thinking skills and abilities. Best of all, these amazing resources come with everything you'll need (including answer key!) and require MINIMAL TEACHER PREP!  



Each lesson plan focuses on common themes and topics with primary sources-based worksheets. From important historical figures such as President Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, President Andrew Johnson to the key battles of the Civil War and the end of the Civil War, to how the Southern states implemented Black Codes during Reconstruction, plus so much more, I've got it ALL covered. Even better yet? These incredible resources can be used for BOTH for in-person classroom or digital learning (via Google Drive)! 



Make this time period come alive for your students providing your students a sense of what it was like to live during the Civil War and Reconstruction Era!


Give your students a chance to connect with the people from this era and help them better understand why certain events took place. For example, they will learn why three constitutional amendments were added in just the span of a few short years (13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments), and why the Emancipation Proclamation is so significant in United States history.  


When it comes to these two time periods, students are required to learn and use some challenging vocabulary, and this can easily cause them confusion. This is exactly why I've ensured the presentations that accompany my Civil War and Reconstruction Units include detailed information (in easy-to-understand terms!), aiding student’s comprehension and grasp of key terms and content-related vocabulary. On top of this, I've included several vocabulary and fill-in-the-blank worksheets to help students understand the meaning behind many of the key words used during these time periods. 


The Civil War and Reconstruction Era is a fascinating and transformative time in our nation's history, filled with many historically important events and figures. The resources I've created have not only been designed for minimal prep-- saving you hours of time each and every week of the school year (so you can actually focus on teaching, NOT lesson planning!), but to also help students better understand the significance of the era and make connections to our current society.  


  • Relax on nights and weekends

  • Have more free time

  • No more need to endlessly search for amazing, affordable resources


Learn more about the amazing and proven resources I'm so proud to offer which hundreds of teachers have come to rely on right now!






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