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5th Grade Geography Worksheets

Geography worksheets that will promote and grow the map skills and comprehension of ANY fifth grader!


If you're a fifth grade social studies teacher looking for a fun way to teach your students about geography (specifically the geography of North America and/or the United States), you've come to the right place!


Worksheet from my 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle!


One of the most valuable tools for young geographers in developing their map skills and comprehension are well-designed and curated geography worksheets that incorporate the use of numerous activities.


Such worksheets will help build a solid foundation for which your students can grow their knowledge of American history upon!


Subject Areas and Themes

One way to make these worksheets engaging is to use a variety of subject areas and themes. For example, teachers can use reading comprehension passages to help students understand the geography of the Great Lakes region or provide short response questions to test knowledge of the capital cities of different states. Interactive worksheets, such as blank maps or flashcards, can also be used to reinforce learning in a fun and engaging way.


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Some popular topics covered by geography worksheets include the major cities of the United States, time zones, and the political map of the country. Worksheets can also cover a wide range of history, including the American colonies, American government, and New York.


Worksheet from my 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle!


Geography worksheets can be used to introduce students to new concepts and areas of history, such as the Oregon Trail or Native Americans. These worksheets can also help students learn a lot of new words, and you can pose them geography questions in a more interactive manner.


In addition to worksheets, there are many other resources available for teachers looking to reinforce geography skills. Lesson plans, printable maps, and online resources can be used to supplement the use of geography worksheets in the classroom.


When selecting worksheets, it's important to choose ones that cover similar themes or topics. This helps students develop a deeper understanding of the geography of the United States and the role it has played in American history.


Worksheet from my 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle!


When designing geography worksheets, it's important to include a variety of different types of questions. Worksheets should include multiple-choice questions, short response questions, and fill-in-the-blank questions to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


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Role of Technology

In addition to the more traditional worksheets (PDF pintables, etc.), technology has also provided a variety of interactive resources that can be used to reinforce geography skills. Online games, quizzes, and interactive maps are all GREAT tools that supplement geography worksheets and provide additional resources for students to use and learn from in your classroom!


With that being said, while digital resources are awesome, I still prefer to use printable worksheets when it comes to geography-related content. I still feel that printable worksheets are an excellent (and better) resource for teachers looking to reinforce the geography skills of 5th graders than digital resources.


Reading Comprehension Skills

While it may not seem like it, geography worksheets are also an effective way to improve your students' reading comprehension skills. Well-designed geography worksheets will often include passages with geographic information that students need to read and analyze. In turn, this will help them build their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills while also learning about the geography of the United States!


Here are 4 specific ways that geography worksheets can help improve a student's reading comprehension skills:

  1. Vocabulary Development: Geography worksheets will often contain new vocabulary related to different regions, countries, and cultures. By working on these worksheets, students can learn and understand new words, which can help them in future reading and comprehension tasks.
  2. Contextual Clues: They also help students learn how to use contextual clues to understand the meaning of new words. This skill is essential in reading comprehension, as students are often required to use context clues to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words in a text.
  3. Inferring Skills: These worksheets often require students to infer information based on maps, graphs, and charts. Skills that are essential when it comes to reading comprehension as students need to infer meaning from the text and make connections between different pieces of information to understand the author's message.
  4. Reading Strategies: Geography worksheets can also help teach students different reading strategies, such as skimming and scanning, which can improve their overall reading comprehension skills. These strategies can help students identify key information quickly and efficiently.


Worksheet from my 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle!


Geography worksheets are a great way to reinforce the geography skills of fifth graders and teach them about the geography of the United States!


When creating or selecting worksheets, it's important to keep in mind state standards and grade levels. Worksheets should be designed to meet the needs of young students while also addressing the appropriate state standards.


It's important to keep in mind that geography worksheets are NOT a replacement for classroom instruction or field trips. While worksheets can be an effective teaching tool, they should be used in conjunction with other resources and teaching strategies.


Presentation slide from my 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle!



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