7th Grade Texas History Lesson Plans COMPLETE Curriculum

7th grade texas history curriculum & lesson plans
7th Grade Texas History Curriculum

Texas has a long and storied history that fascinates students of all ages.

My 7th grade Texas history curriculum provides students with an opportunity to learn about the state they call home. Specifically, my 7th grade Texas history curriculum (that I'm so very proud to offer!) provides students with a truly unique opportunity to learn about the Lone Star State, its people, and its culture. From the earliest Native Americans who lived in Texas, to the geography of natural Texas and the Spanish colonization of Texas, to the Republic of Texas and Texas today, your 7th grade students will get a complete history of Texas with my Texas history bundle!

The curriculum is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and includes a variety of activities and lessons that are designed to make it easy for any teacher to use with their students. In addition, I've designed the curriculum to be as adaptable as possible in order to ensure that it can be used with any 7th grade social studies textbook, or no textbook at all! A couple of cool features that I've included with my 7th grade Texas history lesson plans are:

  • Links to supplemental videos on YouTube (many of which have been created by the Texas Historical Commission!)
  • They're available in both digital format (via Google Apps) and in traditional printable PDF and PowerPoint formats!
  • A w-i-d-e range of engaging and thought-provoking assignments, projects, and activity ideas!
  • Built-in primary source documents and primary source materials
  • Interactive, FUN, and easy-to-use Jeopardy unit review games!
  • Unit Test complete with teacher answer key and recommended grading rubric for each of the included 12 units!

My 7th grade Texas history curriculum is designed to help students fully grasp the fascinating story of Texas through expertly crafted lesson plans and engaging curriculum. The curriculum incorporates major events and key figures in Texas history such as the Battle of the Alamo and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, while the lesson plans focus on key themes such as the exploration and settlement of the area and the rise of industry and agriculture. In particular, I've curated the resources in a way to help highlight the importance of the expression of different points of view.

Specifically, the main content of my Texas history lessons will save you HOURS of your time every week of the school year and help students build their grasp of historical context and their background knowledge and understanding of:

  • Important Texans such as the Buffalo Soldiers, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, Sam Rayburn, and Davy Crockett
  • History of African Americans in Texas
  • Texas geography and geographic tools
  • Regions of Texas and characteristics of places
  • Colonial exploration of Texas
  • Spanish colonization
  • Impact of religion and religious groups in Texas
  • Role of Mexican independence on Texas
  • The Fredonian Rebellion
  • The Empresario System
  • Causes and effects of the Texas Revolution
  • Republic of Texas
  • Establishment of the Texas government
  • Annexation of Texas
  • Texas statehood
  • The Texas Constitution and its basic principles
  • Rise of cotton
  • Slavery in Texas
  • The Civil War and its impact on Texas
  • Reconstruction period in Texas
  • Juneteenth Day
  • The cattle drive and Texas
  • Early twentieth century rise of oil and other major industries
  • The Great Depression and Dust Bowl in Texas
  • How technological innovations impacted Texas' economy
  • The Civil Rights Movement in Texas
  • Texas' demographic changes
  • Contemporary issues facing Texas
  • Responsibilities of Texas citizens

Used in a variety of formats, including traditional classrooms, homeschool, and online learning environments, this curriculum has also been curated to be flexible and varies in length depending on the format and delivery method. Designed to be delivered over the course of a school year, the curriculum may easily be shortened or lengthened depending on your own respective delivery method and format.

Thousands of seventh graders have successfully used my Texas history curriculum. Join the numerous Texas educators already using it in their classroom! It's my most sincere hope to help you focus on teaching, not lesson planning, in order to provide as many kiddos with the best education possible!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or feedback for me, I'd love to hear from you! Please email me directly at [email protected].

Check out my 7th grade Texas history curriculum right here!

7th Grade Texas History Curriculum - FULL YEAR!



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