High-Quality Texas History Lesson Plans for 7th Grade (TEKS)

7th grade texas history curriculum & lesson plans
7th Grade Texas History Lesson Plans

Texas is a state steeped in history and rich with stories, from its days as a republic to its role in the modern-day economy of the United States!


As a Texas history teacher, it's your job to help students understand and appreciate the history of Texas! By using Texas history lesson plans that incorporate primary sources, you can give students a deep, meaningful understanding of this fascinating state's past. Primary source documents, such as letters, diaries, photographs, and government records, can provide students with an intimate look at the events, people, and ideas that shaped Texas. When combined with secondary sources, such as textbooks, these primary sources help create a more complete picture of the past.


Screenshots of two of the hundreds of slides included with my 7th Grade Texas History Curriculum bundle:


Texas History Lesson Plans and Primary Sources

Texas history lesson plans should also consider grade level, student activities, and subject areas. For 7th grade Texas history, for example, the 7th grade TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) want you to focus on several different important time periods of Texas history. From the early history of Texas and regions of Texas, to the annexation of Texas and the Texas Frontier, all the way to contemporary Texas and so much more! To help students understand these events, you might assign primary source documents for close reading, hold small group discussions, and engage students in hands-on activities. One of the best places to find primary source materials for your Texas history lesson plans is the Texas Historical Commission, the Texas State Historical Association, and the Texas State Historical Society. These organizations have extensive collections of documents and artifacts, as well as knowledgeable staff who can help you find the materials you need. Incorporating primary sources into your Texas history lesson plans can help students understand the major events that shaped the state. For example, the Spanish explorers who first came to Texas, the Mexican Revolution, or the founding of Texas as an independent republic—all of which are critical pieces of the state's early history not to mention the integral roles influential figures like Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston played! These events and individuals set the stage for the later development of the state and its integration into the United States.


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You're also going to want to include thorough background information on the various Native Americans who once called Texas home and the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. These two events were critical in the fight for Texas independence and demonstrate the bravery and determination of the Texans who fought for their freedom. You'll also need to provide students with additional resources on the history of the Republic of Texas as part of your Texas history lesson plans. When teaching about the Civil War and its effects on Texas, you can use primary source documents to help students understand the different perspectives and motivations of the Texans who fought on both sides of the conflict. Additionally, you can use primary source documents to examine the role of African Americans in the war and their struggle for civil rights in Texas in the years and decades that would follow. Another important aspect of Texas history is its role in the Great Depression and World War II. These events had a profound impact on the state, and by incorporating primary source materials into your lesson plans, you can help students understand how the state was affected and how it responded. Incorporating primary sources into your Texas history lesson plans can also help you teach about the democratic process and the functions of government. By examining primary source materials, such as government records and documents, you can help students understand how Texas has changed over time and how it functions today. To make the most of your Texas history lesson plans, you should also consider taking students to visit historic sites. There are many sites throughout the state, such as the Alamo, that can provide students with a tangible connection to the past (I know, I know, this is MUCH easier said than done, but if possible, is a surefire way to bring Texas history to life for your students!)


By incorporating primary sources into your Texas history lesson plans, you can provide students with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the events, people, and ideas that shaped Texas. Whether you're teaching 7th grade Texas history or not, integrating primary sources into your lesson plans is a GREAT way to engross and immerse your students in Texas history!


One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a comprehensive and user-friendly curriculum created by a fellow educator!


Here are 5 important reasons why:

#1: Expertise

A fellow educator with years of experience in the classroom following the exact same standards you're following will have a deep understanding of the subject matter, the most important needs of both students and teachers alike, and will know exactly what content is most important for students to learn all about. They've spent a great deal of time researching, analyzing, writing, putting into practice, and refining the curriculum to make it the most effective curriculum it possibly can be—ensuring that their, and possibly your, students are learning the most relevant and accurate information about Texas history!


#2: Convenience

Teachers already have more than enough on their plates with basic classroom management, answering any and all parent and/or administrative requests, participating in extra-curricular activities, tracking student progress, assigning and grading assignments, quizzes, and tests, etc. The very last thing a teacher should have to worry about and stress over is lesson plans (arguably the most time-consuming task for many teachers!). And this is where a user-friendly curriculum designed specifically to make your life easier as a teacher is so invaluable. Think about it: the healthier your work-life balance is as a teacher, the better of a teacher you are. It's truly that simple. By using the curriculum that another educator has already created, you can simply follow the lessons, activities, and assessments that have all been laid out for you in sequential order per the TEKS guidelines, without having to create anything on your own from scratch or having to consistently scour the internet searching sites like Teachers Pay Teachers to scrape together a resource here and a resource there just so you can make it through to the next school week. You'll save several hours every single week of school and literally HUNDREDS of hours over the course of the school year! ...hours which I'm sure you'd much rather spend with friends and loved ones.


#3: Consistency

When using Texas history curriculum that has been curated and created by a single educator, you can be sure that the content is similar in its design, similar in its tone, similar in its messaging, flows well, and is consistent and aligned with the TEKS!


One of the many student exercise assignments included with my 7th Grade Texas History Curriculum bundle!


#4: Engagement

Any comprehensive and user-friendly curriculum bundle on Texas history should include a slew of engaging activities, exercises, and assessments that have been specifically created to peak students' interest and promote their learning in various ways! By incorporating hands-on activities, small group projects and discussions, and other interactive elements, your students will be much more likely to not only learn more about Texas history but also retain their learning as well!


#5: Access to Additional Resources

From the use of primary source materials to videos and educational websites, there are a number of excellent ways that a well-designed Texas history curriculum will incorporate the use of additional resources into the classroom! For example, supplementing each of the curriculum's individual lessons with one or more relevant videos on YouTube!


Did someone say extra resources??! Check out this screenshot of the teacher guide for one of the several team activities incorporated into my Texas History lesson plans!


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